8 – 9 April 2019

Stephen Eames

Creating a Culture of Wellbeing.

Raroa Normal Intermediate has spent the last two years developing and implementing a wellbeing strategy.  Using positive psychology as the backbone to help teachers understand the nature of wellbeing. We have focused on encouraging teachers to take personal responsibility for their wellbeing, as well as 'helping others to help themselves.' 

Using a co-constructed framework and teacher created Individual wellbeing plans (IWPs) teachers' focus on improving relationships with colleagues, their health and physical activity, being optimistic, understanding that they are making a difference and having fun and enjoying working at Raroa.

Outcomes include: increased engagement, higher productivity, better job satisfaction, strong relationships, healthy and active teachers who are the best possible people to teach our students.

Our leadership team will share our approach, from wondering and ponders, concerns and questions through to the building of capacity and implementation of our model, which is encapsulated in an illustrated picture book.


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