Carbon offset programme

The INTECOL International Wetlands Conference aims to minimise its impact on the environment by implementing responsible actions in all aspects of the event. With this in mind, we have included a fee of $50 that will go towards our carbon offset programme to compensate the emissions from your travel to this conference, as well as field trip transportation and energy used to run such a large event.

The fee is included in all full and day registration fees. Students may opt to include this in their registration fee. 

During the registration process you will be asked to select from one of the below projects for your contribution to go towards. Each project has been selected for their role in active carbon capture.


Option A: New Zealand Peat wetland carbon lockup

We all know that planting trees is a great way to temporarily store carbon, but protecting and restoring peatlands is even better. Bogs, fens and swamps store 500 billion metric tons of carbon - twice as much as all the trees in all the world's forests. Healthy bogs in New Zealand sequester on average 2.4 tonnes of carbon per hectare per year. The National Wetland Trust is re-constructing a peatland ecosystem at Lake Rotopiko, site of the planned National Wetland Centre near Hamilton. Bogs are being reinstated on sites that were drained and converted to farmland over a century ago. Your carbon offset contribution will go directly into site preparation and planting of restiad and other bog-forming plants, including the threatened endemic giant cane rush, Sporadanthus ferrugineus. Your contribution will help to save threatened New Zealand peatland species and create a wetland education asset that will highlight the importance of the natural peatland carbon sink and to help protect our remaining peat wetlands.


Option B: A Canterbury based project

We are currently working with Christchurch City Council on a local project that will be beneficial to Canterbury wetlands. More information will be provided soon.

Anna Mills
Event Manager

+64 3 974 1165